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Wednesday, November 9th

Time: 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Location: Meeting Room 3

2016 Title 24, Part 6: Building Energy Efficiency Standards

Dave Hegarty, President of DuctTesters and John Morton, Senior Project Manager of ConSol will be orchestrating:  2016 Title 24 Energy Standard Requirements and How It Will Impact You In 2017. Both Dave and John also sit on the 2019 Energy Code Committee and will share what the future holds for Zero Net Energy in 2020 and more.

Interested in a tabletop at this pop-up event? Register here.  There are a limited amount of tabletops at this pop-up.  

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+ Dave Hegarty, President of DuctTesters

Dave Hegarty has been performing duct tests, energy consulting and Title 24 expertise since 1998. He officially founded DuctTesters, Inc. in 2004. Dave is licensed and certified by CalCERTS, CHEERS, BPI, LEED, HERS, HERS II, GreenPoint Rated, NGBS, and Thermographer.

Dave’s certifications include: 2013 & 2008 Residential and Non Residential New Construction, Residential and Non Residential Alterations, Whole House Rater, RCA 2, RCA 1, EnergyStar, EEM, undefined, and Photovoltaic (Solar Electric). In 2013, Dave was awarded: GreenPoint Rater of the Year.

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+ John Morton, Senior Project Manager of ConSol

John Morton is the Senior Project Manager of ConSol. He works with homebuilders to train their staff and trade partners to build high performance walls and attics.