Current Design Trends and Where They Are Going

How designers interpret indoor and outdoor dwelling spaces are what make or break the experience of the spaces’ inhabitants. Commonly pleasing colors, complimentary textiles, and inclusive areas that successfully come together are what buyers are searching for when attempting to create the look of their home. However, as design trends change and designers begin thinking about the various tastes and design styles, it becomes difficult for designers to make a final decision and plan for upcoming trends in the future.

In 2015 color software developer Pantone Color Institute announced that 2016 was going to be all about Serenity and Rose Quartz. However, predictions from color industry leaders predicted a variation of perennial favorite white. Sherwin-Williams chose "Alabaster," Benjamin Moore opted for "Simply White," Glidden gave "Cappuccino White" the nod, and Behr went with "Bowstring" and "Ivory Keys."

A few paint companies are suggesting a move from some of the neutral tones that have been used for the past few years to cooler color shades that can complement any interior space’s design in the upcoming year.

Some of the design trends seen on the rise according to Pantone includes “the rising use of maps – both traditional and contemporary – as a design element; the resurgence of black and white imagery; power-clashing – ‘the use of unexpected color combinations that seem to be discordant but yet they still work’; pixilated and digitized patterns; and the popularity of green, both as the color of nature and of health and wellness.”

For the exterior surfaces of the home many homeowners play it safe when it comes to paint colors. Home Owner Affiliation rules, which affect 20 percent of Americans, can often times restrict the decision for designers to stick to more neutral colors. According to the 2013 National Home Color Survey, favorite exterior color combinations include white and gray, beige and taupe, and slate and black.

So how will homes transition in style and design as we approach 2017, and what will designers see in future design trends?

Hear moderator, Kevin Crook of Kevin L. Crook Architect Inc., and speakers, Karen Moyer, LEED AP, William Hezmalhalch Architects, Inc., Jeff Madison of Kevin L. Crook Architect Inc., Robert Sawyer, President-Principal of Land Concern, and Amber Weigel, an Interior Designer at Vintage Design, Inc., speak more about the current design trends and where they are going at the Building Industry Show on Thursday, November 10th.