The Conversations at BIS: Updates to Title 24 and how it affects the building industry

The Building Industry Show (BIS) is "Starting the Conversation" with our new Pop-Up Education topics. BIS is addressing key issues faced by working building industry professionals and providing solutions from key industry leaders.

One of the more pressing topics this year is the changes to California’s building standards and how to best meet the new proposed changes. The Show is tackling the best and most cost effective practices and solutions for the new energy standards addressed in Title 24 that will take effect on January 1, 2017.

The goal of the energy standards is to reduce energy use so the homeowners save money, Californians have a more secure and healthy economy, the environment is less negatively impacted, and that our electrical system can operate in a more stable state.

The 2016 standards have been written to continue to improve upon the 2013 standards for new construction of, and additions and alterations to, residential and nonresidential buildings. In the latest triennial update to the California energy code, indoor and outdoor lighting for new homes must be high efficacy; lighting control requirements for indoor spaces are now must be simpler; and the joint appendix JA8 regulations now contain requirements for more types of residential high efficacy lamps and luminaire.

The most significant efficiency improvements address attics, walls, water heating and lighting. These standards represent a major step towards meeting California's residential Zero Net Energy (ZNE) goal by the year 2020. Updates enhance and simplify previous requirements and lay the foundation for additional efficiency improvements slated for 2019 code. However, tackling solutions to achieve California’s goal of reaching Zero Net Energy in 2020 at BIS will help you make the best decisions in order to get there.

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