Floors, Ceilings, and Walls...Oh My! "Silence" Doesn't Have to be Costly

Soundproofing is all about the use of materials with insulation qualities that help isolate sound, while acoustic treatments can redirect sound to where it’s wanted. The materials and treatments work together in order to create the best possible environment when it comes to sound.

So why is soundproofing an acoustic treatments so important in housing design?

Acoustic treatments could make or break the success of a home theater, and soundproofing can keep the peace among neighbors in storied housing. However, more than providing better entertainment, soundproofing and acoustic treatments draw the line between subjecting frustrated residents to hearing the busy sounds of transportation, as if their house was sitting in the middle of a busy highway, and a happy customer getting a good night’s sleep.

It definitely makes more sense to apply proper soundproofing and acoustic techniques and materials into the design and construction of any dwelling, but how can professionals in the building industry execute this in the most cost-effective manner?

Learn more about these acoustical measures builders and architects need to address in order to sell, deliver, and ensure silence in Multifamily projects at all price points. Hear from soundproofing and acoustic treatment experts: Steve Farkas, Corporate Marketing Manager, Cemco; John LoVerde, Principal, Veneklasen & Associates; and Dean Hacker, Vice President, Hacker Industries, Inc. at the Building Industry Show (BIS).

This Pop-Up Education presentation titled, Floors, Ceilings, and Walls...Oh My! "Silence" Doesn't Have to be Costly, will take place on Wednesday, November 9th at the Riverside Convention Center and is included in your BIS floor pass. Click here to register for the pass.