Keynote Presentation:

"GHG, CEQA, and VMT...        Will Acronyms Be the Death of Your Project?"

Building Industry Legal Defense Foundation (BILD)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

10:30 AM - 11:45 PM

About This Presentation:

Join the Building Industry Legal Defense Foundation for a high-level discussion, led by the best attorneys in the business, about the latest land use cases and regulatory moves that will impact the building industry. Will your company be impacted by greenhouse gas regulations? Or proposals to limit vehicles miles traveled? Or the latest expansion of the California Environmental Quality Act.?The answer is "YES." Come find out how and how you can best maneuver your company or your clients through the minefield that is California land use law. 

About bILD:

Formed in 1987, the Building Industry Legal Defense Foundation (“BILD”) is the premier legal advocate for the building and construction industry in California.

BILD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BIA of Southern California, Inc. BILD actions must be approved by its 16-member Board of Directors.

OUR MISSION: BILD exists to ensure that the building industry thrives, and that projects are able to move forward timely, with sustained profitability for all sectors of the industry, while protecting the rights of the industry and its customers, and while continuing to value natural resources.


BILD’s mission is to defend the legal rights of California's building professionals, as well as their workers, and their customers. BILD promotes and supports important legal cases to secure favorable court decisions for the building industry. BILD focuses on cases with regional or statewide significance to its mission.

The BILD program impacts important issues, such as excessive development fees, restrictive local growth control measures and the misapplication of the California Environmental Quality Act and other environmental laws, such as the Endangered Species Act and Clean Water Act.

Additionally, BILD works with the California Building Industry Association and the National Association of Home Builders to support issues of statewide and national significance.

For information regarding the Building Legal Defense Foundation (BILD) please contact Shanda Beltran or at              949-777-3849.

Sponsored by:  

Construction Industry Advancement Fund of Southern California

Fund for Construction Industry Advancement

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